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Our Master is a [sign / miracle]!”, or “Our Master miraculous!

A compound idiom, from מרן meaning "Our Lord", plus אתא meaning Miracle. It is used only once in all of Aramaic literature, at 1st Corinthians 16:22, which reads:

מן דלא רחם למרן ישוע משיחא נהוא חרם מרןאתא

Whoever doesn't love our [Lord / Master] Yeshue the [anointed / Messiah], let him be cursed, for our [Lord / Master] is the [sign / miracle].

A number of late manuscripts split this word into two, whereas the most likely translation would “Our Lord comes”, which is what the Greek version also says. This is highly dubious interpretation though, because of the grammar not being authentically Semitic sounding.