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"Miracle" feminine, noun (plural אתותא‎)

This can refer to any "miracle" or "sign", such as in: John 2:11, which says:

הדא הי אתא קדמיתא דעבד ישוע בקטנא דגלילא ואודע שובחה והימנו בה תלמידוהי

This is the first [sign / miracle] which Yeshue made in Kana in Galila, which made His disciples [trust / believe] Him.

Coming from the Proto-Semitic language, the same word can also refer to the measles, to a token or pledge, or monument, a monstrosity, or an unbelievable wonder. In Mandæic, it can refer to phenonomæ such as the Northern Lights. In Babylon it was also used to refer to military units, and also to the use of hats as symbols of divine power.