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Noun, Adjective

An idiom meaning simultaneously, "Singular" / "United" / "One" / "Unique" / "Only" / "Only begotten"

Ichidaya" is the word which is normally translated as “Only Begotten” in English, such as in John 3:16 of the King James Bible, but is also used elsewhere to refer to "celibate" or "single" persons (i.e. "monastics"). Mar Aphrahat says that the term ihidaya is used of those living an ascetic life, that "Putting on Christ the Ihidaya, and becoming an ihidaya oneself, was seen not just as an outward adoption of the name, but as a radical reorientation of one's life involving the "putting on," the imitation, of the whole of Christ's own life: in order to share in His resurrection, it is necessary to participate in his sufferings as well.[1]

The word has particular theological importance to Nazarani who understand it in relation to the Nature of Christ[2].


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