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"Christmated", or "Anointed"

The word Amshakht breaks down as follows: “a” means, “those”, and “mshakh” is the verb meaning “to anoint”; whereas the “t” at the end of the word makes it past tense. Thus taken together the word literally means, “those who have been anointed”. This anointing is done on the forehead, eyes, ears, neck, chest, hands and feet by the bishop in a ritual ceremony symbolising the creation of that person into the body of Christ. The English word “Christ” is a translation, through Greek of the Aramaic word Mashikha משיחא, which means literally “the anointed”. Thus the anointed Meshikha, ‘the Anointed’ becomes the anointer of those who are then welcomed and integrated into His anointed Body.