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This word has a number of different meanings in both Aramaic and Hebrew, including “Ages”, “Truly”, and “Forever”. As a response to prayers, it simply means “truly”, and repeated at the beginning of a sentence it means 'Honestly".

Amen amen אמין אמין This phrase is repeated many times throughout the New Testament books. Because “amen” has multiple meanings, when it is repeated, we understand that it should have more than one of those meanings. Translation of the phrase must therefore rely on context. Thus it is translated as: “eternally true” in John 8:24, and as "very truly" in John 1:50, 1:51, 3:3, 3:5, 3:11, and “forever” at the end of each of the synoptic gospels.

It is not related to the Egyptian sun god Amun-Rê, as some people have claimed.